What is the Kultivál?

The Youth Cultural Festival of the Carpathian Basin brings the Carpathian Basin to Cluj, for a day and a half. Between August 14th-16th, young artists – painters, photographers, actors, musicians – from South Slovakia, Prekmurje (Slovenia),Vojvodina  (Serbia) and Hungary, will dwell in the courtyard of the Bánffy Palace. Besides the theater performances, music and dance productions, the participating regions will present their traditions, values; there will also be the possibility to talk with their public figures, writers.

Who is it for?

For everyone, who would like to see outside the box.

Who organizes it?

The organizer of Kultivál is the Cultural Round Table of the Carpathian Basin, and its coordinated by the Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania – EMKE (you can read more about the Round table here, and about EMKE here). The festival`s main patron is Novák Katalin, State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs, of the Minister of Human Resources of Hungary. Patrons: Horváth Anna, Deputy Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, and Vákár István, the Vice President of the Cluj County Council. The Festival takes place within the framework of the Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015 project.

If you would like to sponsor our event, you can do it through a wire transfer to the RO39 BTRL RONC RT02 1099 5101 bank account (in the explanation field, please mention that is for „Kultivál sponsorship”).

For more details, please contact our colleagues.

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